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When you place an order with your supplier, you want to be assured that the goods meet your quality standards before they are shipped.

Selecting the right shipping method for your needs and budget can also be challenging.


Here is how Alibaba.com's Inspection & Logistics service makes selecting the right inspector & shipping method easy for you!

Inspecting Your Goods
1 Find & Contact Inspectors

Using Alibaba.com's Inspection Service, you can have your order inspected by professional, independent third-party inspectors or inspection companies listed on Alibaba.com.


These inspectors will visit the manufacturers and/or port facilities anywhere in China and provide reports, including photos, to certify that the goods being shipped meet the quality standards specified in your contract.

Here's how it works:

1. Go to inspection.alibaba.com and click
2. Filter inspectors based on your supplier's location, your industry, language requirements, inspector and inspection type that meets your price and quality needs.
3. Contact your inspector and negotiate the price of the inspection. You can click to send an online inquiry to the inspector, or click to chat with the supplier in real time.
2 Place an Inspection Order
1. Click on the inspector or inspection company you want to place an order with to get details about background, history and buyer's reviews.
2. Click the "Order Inspection" button to start an online order:
3. Fill in the information required and click
4. The inspector or company needs to confirm the order. You can sign in to My Orders to check the status of your order.

"Unconfirmed Orders" are orders that have not been confirmed by the inspector. Before confirmation, you can modify the order. "Confirmed Orders" are orders that have been confirmed by the inspector.
3 Make payment

Once the inspector confirms your order, payment must be made via Alibaba.com's Secure Payment service. The money will be held in Secure Payment until you release it to the inspector after having satisfactorily received the completed Inspection Report.

Remember: do not pay the inspector directly.
Please, follow the steps below to make payment:
1. Sign in to My Orders and go to "Manage Orders".
2. Find the order and click the "Pay Now" button. (Hint: use the "Confirmed Order" filter to sort results).
3. You can pay by Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Western Union, WebMoney, Wire Transfer, etc.
4. Next, the inspector will conduct the inspection and upload the report. You can sign in to My Orders to check if the report has been uploaded by the inspector.
5. Find the order and click "Check Details" under Report. (Hint: Use the "Report Uploaded" filter to show only orders with reports available.
6. Click "Inspection Reports" to download a copy of the report.
7. After carefully verifying the inspection report, you can release payment to the inspector. Click the "Release Payment Now" button. (Hint: Use the "Report Uploaded" filter) and click "Confirm".
4 Give feedback/ Submit a dispute
You can offer feedback on the inspection service within 2 months after the payment is released. If no feedback is provided, a default feedback rating will be given for this inspection service. Take the following steps to give feedback:
1. Sign in to My Orders.
2. Find the order and click the "Give Feedback" button. (Hint: use the "Transaction Completed" filter to sort results).
3. You can rate inspectors in three areas: industry knowledge, service quality and report accuracy. Rate each area from 1-5 stars. In addition to the star ratings, you can also leave any comments that you have on the inspection service.
Remember: you can only rate the report accuracy after you have received your shipment.
4. You can sign into My Orders to "Continue Feedback" when you receive your shipment, if you have already provided your first feedback.




If you would like to dispute the validity of the Inspection Report, or if you have any other concerns, please email us at inspection@alibaba-inc.com.

Shipping Your Goods
1 Search for Logistics Solutions

Alibaba's Logistics service (known as "Warehouse-to-Door Service") partners major freight forwarders to provide sea, air & land shipping solutions from China to global destinations.

Currently, this service delivers from China to eleven countries:

- North America: United States of America, Canada.

- Europe: Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, and United Kingdom.

Note: If you cannot find your country on the list, please contact your supplier to ask for a logistics solution.


Here's how it works:

1. Visit Alibaba Logistics. Input the place of departure & destination, and click 'search'. The system will generate a list of solutions for you based on your requirements.


Sea FCL ("Full Container Load"): When the exporter or importer has exclusive use of a sea freight container (normally a 20ft or 40ft container), you can choose this international sea freight service to ship your cargo. Sea freight containers are usually loaded and sealed at origin and then shipped by a combination of sea, rail and/or road to the final destination.

Sea LCL ("Less than Container Load"): When you don’t have enough cargo for a full container (FCL), you can choose the less than full container load (LCL) service, which is a sea freight service that groups multiple customers’ shipments together to fill a container and get your shipment moving without delay.

Air: You can choose this service to get your cargo shipped by air. You will need to go to the airport to retrieve your cargo.

Express: Choose this shipment method if you want the goods to be delivered at your doorstep. For transportation details, please check with your supplier.

Railway: You can choose this service to get the cargo shipped by train. You will need to retrieve your cargo at the railway station.


2. Once you have found a shipping company, please click and fill in the following form to recommend this solution to your supplier.



2 Place a Logistics Order & Make Payment
1. Have your supplier sign into Alibaba Logistics to place an order, or take a screenshot of your selected shipping method and show it to your supplier to place an order for you.
2. The supplier will settle the payment with Alibaba.com Logistics directly.