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FAQ about shop banner designing in Minisite 2.0

1 How to set up the shop banner picture?
A:Click the module “shop banner” in the editor, find “store banner” in the editor, the user can choose to “show” or “hide” the shop banner.
If the users need to upload shop banner image, for Ministe in PC, images with side 1200*280px are recommended. Shop sign images in PC and APP Minisite should upload separately. For those in APP, images with size 750*240 are recommended.

2 Why the shop banner image can’t be uploaded?
A: Possible reasons are as follow:
1)Image is chosen as hidden – Please change to display the image.
2)The image uploaded did not meet the requirement – Please upload per requirement and currently only image with format jpg、png  are supported.
3)Option “Use the default image” is chosen.  – Please cancel the chosen.
4)No image was uploaded in APP Minisite and the default image is displayed – shop sign image should be uploaded separately for Minisite in APP and PC.
5)No response in the page after action taken – Please save the currently design first and then refresh the page.

3 What is the size of shop banner image?
A: It is with size 1200*280px in PC. Please mind that here is space with height 44px in the bottom will be hidden by the navigation bar. It is with size 750*240px in APP.

4 How to add the custom pages?
A: Go to the “Shop banner” in the editor and the user can find section “Add Navigation and Redirect Pages”. Choose the custom page need to be added in the drop-down box and it will take effective after saving. Currently up to two pages can be added in the Minisite.

5 How to add the company introduction in the shop banner image?
A: Go to the “Shop banner” in the editor, and then the user can find “Company Introduction” in the right side. Users can choose to display or hide the introduction. If the introduction with default template is chosen, the users can set up the font size、 color , etc. of the words. If the users want to edit the company logo or any other company information, they can click “edit the company logo”.

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