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How to set customer services in toolbar of Minisite2.0?

What is customer service in toolbar?
Customer services in toolbar refer to those listed in service center of Minisite 2.0 on the right column.

The first contact in the service center is default, which cannot be changed. 
In product detail page, it is the product owner. In Minisite homepage, company profile, product listing and custom pages, it will be the company contact. 
(How to set the company contact? Click here)

Settings for other contact in the list are as follow:
Step1: Log in with your admin account or sales assistant account and go into the Minisite Editor;

Step2: Find “Set Services in toolbar” under “Page Background"

Step3: Add the services name account account ID. ( How to find my account ID? Please click here )

Step4:Click publish after you confirm the settings. Then you can preview it.


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