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Instructions for Users of GGS Value-Added Services Marketplace

Date: 2017/7/1

Please read these Instructions for Users carefully before selecting to purchase or utilize the services of the Marketplace. By selecting to purchase or utilize the services of the Marketplace, you will be deemed to have read, understood and accepted all the terms of these Instructions and such other terms and conditions of the Marketplace as may be applicable to you (collectively, the “Platform Terms and Conditions”). Users who do not agree to all the terms in these Instructions and the Platform Terms and Conditions should not use the Marketplace. Alibaba.com Singapore E-Commerce Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as, “Alibaba”) has the right to modify and update these Instructions in its sole discretion at any time for the operation of the service platform of the Marketplace. The updated version of these Instructions, once published, shall apply to all users of the Marketplace immediately unless otherwise notified by Alibaba.


Article 1 Definitions

In these Instructions, the following capitalised terms shall be given their meanings as follows:

1.1  “Global Gold Suppliers Value-Added Services Marketplace” or the “Marketplace”: means an electronic web-based platform under Alibaba.com, on which an ISV admitted on the platform may publish its products or services. If an ISV’s products or services are of any interest to any User, both parties may negotiate on their own and conclude an offline transaction after their introduction through the Marketplace. Alibaba shall provide technical support for the Platform. In these Instructions, the Marketplace is also referred to as the “Platform”.

1.2  “ISV”: means an entity or individual that publishes its products or services on the Marketplace and sells such products or services through such Marketplace, also referred to as a “Service Provider”.

1.3  “Services”: means products or services placed on the Marketplace by the ISV.

1.4    “User”: means an entity or individual that utilizes the services provided by the Marketplace or orders Services through the Marketplace.


Article 2 Service Provider

2.1  All Services on the Marketplace are provided by the Service Provider selected by you, not Alibaba. Therefore, please make your choice carefully before selecting any Service Provider.

2.2  The Service Provider shall independently assume the obligations and liabilities related to Services with you in an offline transaction, and neither Platform, Alibaba nor any of its affiliates constitute participants to any transaction.

2.3  You acknowledge and agree that the Service Provider (the “Outsourcing ISV”) has the right to engage other Service Providers (the “Contractor ISV”) admitted as ISVs on the Marketplace to provide part of or all the Services to you. The Outsourcing ISV shall continue to be responsible to you in respect of the Services provided by the Contractor ISV(s), and shall ensure that the Contractor ISV(s) complies with the Platform Terms and Conditions and such other terms and conditions agreed between the Outsourcing ISV and you in respect of the Services.


Article 3 Composition of Services                             

3.1  Before selecting any Service Provider or Service, Users are required to carefully read the description of Services displayed on the Platform by the Service Provider. Alibaba does not represent or warrant the accuracy, completeness or fit for purpose of, and does not assume any liability for, any content of Services on the Platform.

3.2  By selecting to purchase relevant Services on the Platform, a User shall be deemed to have recognized the composition of the Services provided by the Service Provider.

3.3  Any transactions or business dealings entered into between a User and a Service Provider offline are not related to the Marketplace and the Platform in any way.

3.4 In using the Platform, the User hereby authorizes Alibaba to provide the Service Provider with the technical means to operate the User’s account solely for the purposes of the provision of the Services by the Service Provider to the User.


Article 4 Prices of Services and Terms of Payment

4.1  The prices of Services shall be subject to the prices and denominated unit published on the Platform by the Service Provider and as agreed between Service Provider and User from time to time.

4.2  Users shall pay all the transaction prices using such means and at such times as agreed between Service Provider and User.


Article 5 Means of Delivery of Services

5.1  The Services shall be delivered to Users pursuant to the means of delivery published by the Service Provider on the Platform and in accordance with the terms of the offline agreement between the User and the Service Provider.

5.2  Users shall receive relevant Services in a prudent manner and shall not accept any means of delivery other than those set forth in Article 5.1 to avoid relevant transaction risks.


Article 6 Transaction Record and Transaction Dispute Resolution

6.1  The User agrees that the transaction record (including but not limited to Services description, transaction time, transaction amount, payment record, total sales and other data) for the Services purchased by it through the Marketplace shall be subject to the system record of the Marketplace.

6.2  Any dispute between the User and the Service Provider in relation to transactions shall be settled between the User and the Service Provider through friendly consultations; if no agreement is reached through such consultations, the User may lodge a complaint with the Platform.

6.3  By lodging a complaint with the Platform, the User authorizes Alibaba to assist in resolving the relevant complaint or dispute. Alibaba has the right to determine in its sole discretion whether the Service Provider has provided high quality and reasonable services to the User and propose relevant solutions.


Article 7 Disclaimer

7.1  Alibaba.com shall not be liable for or required to pay compensation of any nature whatsoever for any loss arising from the unavailability, inconvenience or failures of the services or systems due to the following reasons: (1) system shut-down for maintenance; (2) inability to transmit data due to failures in communications terminals or telecommunications equipment; (3) systems failure and inability to perform its functions) due to force majeure events including but not limited to typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, power failure, war, political unrest, labour strikes, or terrorist attack; (4) suspension or delay of services or systems failure due to reasons beyond the reasonable control of Alibaba.com such as hacker or cyber attacks, technical adjustments or failure of the telecommunications department, website upgrades or third-party problems.

7.2  The ISV shall be solely liable for any and all risks and consequences arising from its Services, and neither Alibaba nor Alibaba.com has any liability or obligation to be responsible for the ISV’s Services or other acts.

7.3  The Marketplace is an electronic web-based platform for exchanging information between the User and the ISV of the Services. Alibaba or Alibaba.com and their Affiliates are not participants to the transactions between the User and the ISV on the Marketplace. In respect of the aforesaid transactions, Alibaba and Alibaba.com make no express or implied warranties as to the legitimacy or validity of the acts of the ISV and the User, or the truthfulness, legitimacy and effectiveness or fit for purpose of the Services, nor do they assume any liability for the losses incurred by the User or the ISV.


Article 8 Service Fees

8.1  Alibaba.com reserves the right to charge the User for utilization of the Marketplace as may be notified by Alibaba.com.


Article 9 Miscellaneous

9.1 Any disputes in relation to the Marketplace these Instructions or the other Platform Terms and Conditions, which were not resolved through the operation of Articles 6.2 and 6.3, may be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China for resolution through litigation.


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