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Alibaba Trademanager Offline Notification

Alibaba Trademanager Offline Notification

Q1: Why we offline ATM?

A1: The current ATM can't facilitate the development of Alibaba.com. For example, sellers can't experience the instant translation. That’s the reason ATM will be upgraded to Alibaba Suppliers. Via accessing a series of high-quality functions and one-stop working platform can we bring you a better experience.

Q2: Is it obligate to upgrade? When will the ATM offline?

A2: Yes, the upgrading is required. The basic functions such as friend classification, chat history, and quick phrases on the ATM will be transferred to the Alibaba Supplier. It is expected that ATM will gradually go offline in December 2018, and stop maintenance in January.

Q3: How to upgrade to the Alibaba Supplier?

A3: There are two ways to upgrade:

1) You can download the Alibaba Supplier proactively, install and utilize by clicking here.

2) From Dec 2018, you will receive a reminder after logging in to ATM. Please follow the instructions to download and install Alibaba Suppliers.

Q4: After upgrading, the ATM chat history, settings, etc. can be synchronized?

A4: The customer's contacts, friends group, notes, chat history, quick phrases and other basic functions of the ATM will be migrated to the Alibaba Supplier.

Q5: Does the upgrade affect the timely response rate?

A5: The previous response rate data on ATM will be synchronized, and the subsequent new response rate will be computed on the data of the Alibaba Supplier. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you upgrade the Alibaba Supplier as soon as possible.

The timely response rate will be displayed to the buyer. More attention paid to this important indicator that affects the buyer's conversion is suggested.

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