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What's the price of your products?

To get product price, please fill in the keywords in the search bar at Alibaba.com and search, click the item preferred, and you can see the product details, including price.

To get the latest price, you need to contact the supplier directly and discuss it based on your order amount, shipping method, destination, etc. Click here to know how to contact the supplier. Also, you can check the reference price in the search result list as below if the supplier listed the price:

1. You can also check our Wholesaler platform where the fixed price is provided. 
2. If your sourcing product is custimized, you can try to post an RFQ to get accurate quotations from the matched suppliers. 
3. If you buy small quantity product for your own use, you may also consider using our sister website www.aliexpress.com where you can order online as low as 1 item, and your payment will be protected as well. ​

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