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Payment about LCL (Less than Container Load)

1. Q: How do I pay for my logistics order?

A: Logistics payments happen in the following stages:
1. You will receive an invoice via email 5 business days before the order arrives at its Destination Port
2. You must pay that invoice via wire transfer within 3 business days. (The invoice will contain information that must be included in the wire transfer, e.g. bank details).
4. Once payment is complete, upload the payment receipt to the order detail page


2. Q: How can I check my payment details?

A: There are two ways to check payment details:
1. Log into My Alibaba and click "Manage Logistics Orders"
2. On the TA Order page, scroll to "Sea Freight Solution" and click “View Details” 


3. Q: If my Supplier and I agreed to FOB terms, what happens if the Supplier doesn't pay the Origin Port fee?

A: Three days after the vessel departs from the Origin Port, an invoice will be sent to the Supplier.
If the Supplier does not complete the logistics payment, he will not get receive a Bill of Landing which will prevent him from getting his Trade Assurance payment back.


4. Q: What happens if I don't complete my payment?

A: If payment has not been received, cargo will not be released from the port.
If malicious refusal of payment occurs, you may be blocked from using Alibaba.com in the future.


5. Q: Can I pay for my logistics order together with my Trade Assurance order?

A: No. Logistics orders are paid once shipping is in progress, while Trade Assurance orders require upfront payment.


6. Q: Can I use one Trade Assurance order for multiple logistics orders?

A: No, currently we can only support one logistics order for each Trade Assurance order.


7. Q: At what points in the Trade Assurance (TA) order process can I link my logistics order? 

A: You can link your logistics order to your TA order when:
1. Making the initial order
2. Waiting for order confirmation
3. Waiting to pay


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