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Why I failed to log in IPP platform with my Alibaba.com account?

Please note that you can sign in to the IPP platform with your Alibaba.com/Aliexpress.com account directly. If you cannot sign in via your Alibaba.com account, please check the possible reasons as below:
1) Check if you have clicked the “Aliexpress/Alibaba account Login” button to switch the login page;
2) Check if the CapsLock is sensitive;
3) Check if the account name or password is correct.

Please note currently,  the buyer account on Alibaba.com cannot be used to directly sign in to Alibaba IPP platform. You may receive the notification of “The account does not exist. Please enter a valid Login ID” when you tried to.

If you wish to sign in to Alibaba IPP platform, you are suggested to register a new account on Alibaba IPP platform with a different email address (rather than the email address you used to sign in to your Alibaba buyer account). 

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