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Ordering about LCL (Less than Container Load)

1. Q: What does the Supplier need to do to complete the Buyer's logistics order?

A: After a Buyer places a logistics order, we notify the Supplier via email.
When the Supplier prepares the cargo, he updates the order with finalized cargo details (dimensions, weight, volume, etc) and selects a cargo ready date.
Then, the Supplier (or another service provider) arranges the shipment from the factory to the Origin Port.


2. Q: How will I know if my logistics order has been confirmed?

A: First, your Supplier must confirm your order's cargo details (dimensions, weight, volume, cargo ready date, etc). Then, our service provider will book vessel space, and we will email you when this is confirmed.
You can check this status on the Manage Logistics Orders page in My Alibaba.


3. Q: How can I track my shipment?

A: Once the booking is confirmed, you can track your order in two ways:
1. Log into My Alibaba and click "Manage Logistics Orders".
2. On the Trade Assurance order page, scroll to "Sea Freight Solution" and click “View Details”.


4. Q: How do I start a logistics order?

A: You can initiate a logistics order in three ways:
1. Log into My Alibaba and click "Get Shipping Quote",
2. On the Trade Assurance drafting page, scroll to "Sea Freight" and click "Start Order",
3. On a product page, scroll to "Shipping" and click "Get shipping quote".


5. Q: What options are available for Ocean LCL (Less than Container Load) shipping?

A: We can support the following types of Ocean LCL shipping:
1. Port to Port: Origin Port to Destination Port, also called "CFS to CFS"
2. Port to Door: Origin Port to a specific location (e.g. the Buyer's warehouse), also called "CFS to Door"
3. Door to Port: from Supplier's factory to the Destination Port, also called "Door to CFS"
4. Door to Door: from Supplier's factory to a specific location (e.g. the Buyer's warehouse)


6. Q: How and when can I cancel my logistics order?

A: Before your Supplier updates and confirms the logistics order, you can cancel the logistics order on the Manage Logistics Orders page in My Alibaba.
Once your Supplier has confirmed the order, your Supplier must cancel the order on your behalf; you should contact the service provider as well.
Once shipping is in progress, logistics orders can no longer be canceled.


7. Q: Do you ship to my warehouse?

A: We provide to-door service covering more than 30,000 zip codes in US.


8. Q: Can you deliver to a residence?

A: Yes, but you may incur an additional fee. Call our Buyer Success Team at 888-567-0431 or email buying-shipping@alibaba-inc.com to check.


9. Q: Can you pick up my order from my Supplier's factory? 

A: We can pick up from the following locations in China:
1. Shangdong Province: 16 cities, 11 towns
2. Guangdong Province: 19 cities, 87 towns
3. Zhejiang Province: 11 cities, 66 towns
4. Jiangsu Province: 13 cities, 62 towns
5. Shanghai, 7 towns excluding downtown
6. Chongqing, 11 towns
7. Yunnan Province, 2 towns/cities
8. Sichuan Province, 18 towns/cities
9. Shanxi Province, 12 towns/cities
10. Sanxi Province, 7 towns/cities
11. Jiangxi Province, 27 towns/cities
12. Jilin Province, 4 towns/cities
13. Hunan Province, 19 towns/cities
14. Hubei Province, 25 towns/cities
15. Heilongjiang Province, 2 towns/cities
16. Henan Province, 43 towns/cities
17. Hebei Province, 56 towns/cities
18. Guizhou Province, 3 towns/cities
19. Guangxi Province, 11 towns/cities
20. Anhui Province, 38 towns/cities


10. Q: Are there any shipping restrictions on cargo dimension or categories?

A: Our shipping service should be used only for general goods and should not be used for anything fragile, liquids, dangerous, unpackaged, or chemical.  For bulky goods (length greater than 2 meters, height greater than 1 meter, volume greater than 4m3[superscript], weight greater than 2 tons), you may not be able to get a quote through our online tool.
Instead, call our Buyer Success Team at 888-567-0431 or email buying-shipping@alibaba-inc.com to get a quote.


11. Q: Where must I be located to use the Get Quote tool? 

A: Buyers must have a US ID or IP address to access the tool.
Suppliers must be a China Golden Supplier, HK Golden Supplier, or Taiwan Golden Suppliers to access the tool.


12. Q: How do I connect my Trade Assurance order with my logistics order?

A: When placing a logistics order, include your Trade Assurance order number in the form.


13. Q: What if my Supplier refuses to continue with my logistics order?

A: You must negotiate with your Supplier and either come to an agreement or cancel the transaction


14. Q: Can I choose different trading terms in my Trade Assurance order from my logistics order?

A: No, once you agree to trading terms with your Supplier in the logistics order, it will be auto-populated in your Trade Assurance order.


15. Q: What if I don't know the Origin Port?

A: First, make sure you and your Supplier agree where your order should be picked up.
If your Supplier has arranged for your order to be taken to the Origin Port, ask the Supplier for the name of that port.
If your order needs to be picked up from your Supplier's factory or other specific location, ask for that address, and enter the zip code in "Pick up location."


16. Q: What if I don't know the Destination Port?

A: If you chose a "to Door" delivery service, you don't need to know the Destination Port; instead, enter the zip code or FBA warehouse code where your order should be delivered.


17 Q: How do I know if I should choose "From a Port" or "Specific Pick Up Location" in my logistics order?

A: You should discuss this with your Supplier.
If your Supplier will arrange to get your order to a port, choose "From a Port." If they need your order picked up from their factory or another location, choose "Specific Pick Up Location."
Your Supplier can also give you the address for either type of location.


18. Q: Can I use Alibaba.com logistics if I have an annual bond and don't want to use a single or ISF bond?

A: No, we can only support single or ISF bonds.


19. Q: What is gross weight?

A: Gross weight is the weight of your goods plus packaging. You can find this information in your PI or PO order list.


20. Q: What is gross volume?

A: Gross volume is the volume of your goods plus packaging. You can find this information in your PI or PO order list.


21. Q: What if I don't have my Trade Assurance order number?

A: If you don't know your TA order number, we can get it from your Supplier— just make sure to include accurate information about your Supplier on your logistics order form.


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