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What is the dispute resolution process for Kabbage loans under the Pay Later program?

The dispute resolution process is same as the standard Trade Assurance dispute resolution process. If the order's payment method is Pay Later, the refund will be sent to Celtic Bank via wire transfer as payment towards the outstanding balance.

1) If the refund request is received within the first 48 hours of when the loan is taken, any billed fees will be reversed.

2) If the refund request is received after 48 hours of when the loan is taken, a directed payment will be applied to the loan to close the loan out so long as no other loans are delinquent. (Note: account level fees or other billed fees may still be outstanding)

3) Partial refunds will be applied as payments towards the outstanding loans and all ongoing fees will be charged on the original loan balance (not the modified amount).
If the refund is greater than outstanding loan balance, you will be issued a credit balance refund.

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