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How to make the refund process faster?

Scenario 1: the dispute still in progressing and no agreement reached

As to when the case will be resolved, it rests on different factors, like when buyer and supplier reach an agreement, how long it takes for buyer and supplier to respond and submit proof online respectively, whether the dispute agent rates the proof submitted as valid and whether he calls for another round of responding so as to collect enough proof to make a verdict.

Alibaba.com wants to close the case as fast as possible, just like you. But due to the uncertainty of complaint processing factors, like the responding efficiency by both parties, it's hard to specify when case will be closed. To end it fast, please cooperate with the dispute agent after escalation.

Scenario 2: agreement already reached between you and supplier

If you have reached agreement with the supplier, Alibaba.com will deduct money from supplier's account automatically within 7 business days on the condition that there is enough money at the supplier's account to refund. But if the refund process still does not start in 7 business days after agreement reached, maybe something goes wrong with the seller's account, and you are suggested to contact the supplier or the Alibaba.com service team for help.

Note: Alibaba.com will generally refund you within 7 working days once you and your supplier reached refund solution agreement. How long to receive refund depends on your payment method:

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