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How to fill in the identity information in my IPP account?

Once your account is created, please follow the steps as below to fill in the identity information:

1)      If you are a mainland China individual, please open your Taobao App and finish the True Person Authentication scan.

2)      If you are an individual outside the mainland China, please upload your identity documents, such as a scanned copy or digital photo of your original Identity Card, Passport or Driving License with your photo.

3) If you are an enterprise, please upload a scanned copy /digital photo/clear copy of the original Business Registration Certificate, Social Organization Registration Certificate or other certificates of incorporation. (If your company is incoporated and registered in China, please affix your company’s redchop on the photocopy; Also, please provide the Business Registration Certificate within valid operating period for company incorporated and registered in Hong Kong.) 



l  The complainant name should be the same as the name/company name indicated in identity documents.

l  Contact information disclosed to the party being complained of: Only your name and your contact email address would be disclosed to the party being complained of.

l  Contact information disclosed to Alibaba: In order to contact you successfully, please update your valid contact information.

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