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How can I extend receiving time?

If you have not yet received the goods, but your Trade Assurance order will automatically be confirmed receipt soon, you could take the following steps to extend receiving time.

1. Please login to My Alibaba and then go to ‘All Orders’ under the section of Orders.

2. Click ‘View More’ to check the order details.

view more.jpg

3. For the Trade Assurance orders placed via "buy now", you and your supplier both could extend receiving time only once for 15 days. In totally, the receiving time of one order could be at most extended for 30 days.

For other kind of Trade Assurance orders, click "Extend Receiving time" - "Confirm Extension" and 15-day extension will be available. You could also ask your supplier to extend 15 days at his side. In total, there is at most 30-day extension for Trade Assurance orders.

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