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How to Make a High Quality Product?

Completion and professionalism are both important.

Product Name, Categories, Features, Pictures, Details, Trading Condition etc. are all matter a lot for buyers’ purchase decision. They also have directly influence over your product and company ranking on Alibaba. You are advised to fill out all sections with complete information.

1. Choose the right category. Avoid putting products under irrelative categories. Wrong categories bring less chance of products being searched and wasted the exposure opportunity.

2. Pictures are very important for buyers. Research shows that buyers prefer high definition pictures of real products because they help them understand your products and make purchase decisions.

3. A clear and nice layout helps attract buyers’ attention and trust. Detailed Description section should be displaying your products with not only text, but also pictures, charts, company capacity etc.

4. Pictures stolen from other suppliers are strictly forbidden on Alibaba. It not only hurts buyers’ trust in you, but will also bring penalty to your account.

5. Avoid repetition. Product Names such as “wedding dress, fashion wedding dress, design wedding dress” are considered as repetition and not good for product ranking or buyer preference.

6. Focus promotion on competitive products.

Based on exposure, clicks and transaction data, there is a comprehensive buyer preference mode that influences products ranking. The products that suit the market trend, with buyer preferred information displayed get more chances.

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