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How can I complain photo stealing from my website?

We regret to learn that your products pictures were misused by others. Alibaba.com will spare no effort to protect your Intellectual property rights. 

If your are supplier outside mainland China, please follow the following steps to submit IPR ( Intellectual property rights) complaint:
1. Register an account for free :
2. Sign in and click IPR submission   
3. Complete the basic information and upload documents to the system for customer identity verification.

When overseas members submit copyright claim statement,  it can be downloaded directly, and the files in word format is not allowed to submit. Owner should sign or seal the complaint after filling in the info.

Please find the general complaint workflow below.

Once your documents are uploaded, the record will be shown under "IPR management" with the status "Pending verification". Please note that infringement claims cannot be submitted before the aforesaid verification is approved (although you may submit allegedly infringing listings whilst your IPR is "Pending verification", it doesn't mean you can submit the claim at that time) Normally, it takes 3 to 5 business days to verify your documents.

4. After approval of the aforesaid, you can submit the allegedly infringing listings (under "Submit a complaint" of "Complaint Submission") and link them to the IPR being concerned which previously verified by us (under "Pending Submissions"). Once the allegedly infringing listings have matched the IPR being concerned, your claim will be submitted for processing automatically. 

However, if you are supplier in mainland China, please report suspicious activity in the product detail page. Please click here to learn "How do I report the suspicious activity".


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