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How to make payment with e-Checking SEPA?

e-Checking SEPA Direct Debit Core
(German:SEPA-Lastschrift , French:prélèvement SEPA) 
Make payment simpler by authorizing direct debit to your EUR account
Direct Debit is a payment method that allows you to pre-authorize payment to complete orders. 
Benefits include:
One-stop FX exchange and payment
Competitive FX rates 
Safe transfers (funds take 9-10 working days to reach the supplier’s account)
Convenient online payments (similar to credit card online payment process)
Step 1: Add a EUR Account 
Register a EUR bank account with the below two methods:
1. Go to "My Alibaba" and find "My Bank Account" under “Finance Account”:
2. Select e-Checking, confirm that the currency is “EUR” and click “Add a bank account”. 
Enter your bank account information as below:
Tick the box to indicate that you have read and accept the terms of authorizing “Global Collect BV” to debit your account.
Step 2: Account Verification
After successfully submitting your information, Alibaba.com will make two transfers to your registered account within 2-4 working days. Please check the transfer amounts to proceed. 
1) Go to "My Alibaba" and find “Bank Account”. 
2) Choose the account pending verification and click “Verify Now”. 
3) Input the amount you received.

Please note that only after completing the account verification, the payment request will be forwarded to your bank.

Step 3 Make payments

After completing payment, the funds will reach the recipient’s account within 9-10 working days.

Alibaba.com will always notify you by email before debiting your EUR account.

    Dear Customer,


    Thank you. Your payment of EUR XXX will be debited about 3 working days later. 
SEPA Direct Debit Mandate Reference: XXXX

Order number: XXXX

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