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How do I change verification phone if my old phone is no longer in use?

If you cannot sign in your account or have no access to the old verification phone, check the situations 
below for solution:

Scenario 1: If your account was originally registered on Taobao, Alipay, 1688 etc., you need to contact the corresponding platform's customer service team.

Scenario 2:  If your account was originally registered on Alibaba.com, please download application form here: Change security phone number-normal membership. Note: If you are individual user, please provide us with  copy of your personal identification, e.g. passport or driver license.

Scenario 3: If your account was bound Gold supplier account or upgraded to Gold Supplier before, please download application form here: Change security phone number. The company seal and the signature of the person in charge of the original gold account company are required. If you could not provide the required form above, we suggest you create a new account. Join free here.

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