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When will my dispute case be solved for offline order?

The complainant and the respondent should use their best endeavor to resolve the offline dispute amicably. 

As to when the case will be resolved, it rests on different factors, like when buyer and supplier reach an agreement, how long it takes for buyer and supplier to respond and submit proof online respectively, whether the dispute agent rates the proof submitted as valid and whether he calls for another round of responding so as to collect enough proof to make a verdict.Please stay assured that upon receiving your report online, Alibaba.com professional dispute team will try their best to help you process the complaint case and protect your interests as a member on the platform after escalation.

Alibaba.com wants to close the case as fast as possible, just like you. But due to the uncertainty of complaint processing factors, like the responding efficiency by both parties, it's hard to specify when case will be closed. To end it fast, please cooperate with the dispute agent after escalation. 

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