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What is D/A

D/A – Documents Against Acceptance

The D/A transaction utilizes a term or time draft. In this case, the documents required to take possession of the goods are released by the clearing bank only after the buyer accepts a time draft drawn upon him. In essence, this is a deferred payment or credit arrangement. The buyer’s assent is referred to as a trade acceptance.

D/A terms are usually after sight, for instance “at 90 days sight”, or after a specific date, such as “at 150 days bill of lading date.”

As with open account terms, there are some inherent risks in selling on D/A:
  • As with a D/P, the importer can refuse to accept the goods for any reason, even if they are in good condition.
  • The buyer can default on the payment of a trade acceptance. Unless it has been guaranteed by the clearing bank, the seller will need to institute collection procedures and/or legal action.

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