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How much should I pay to become Gold Supplier?

China Gold Supplier: If you are from China Mainland, the annual fee of Gold Supplier is RMB 29,800. Click here to view more or call 4006002688.
Hong Kong Gold Supplier: For details of Hong Kong Gold Supplier, you may email our service team at goldsupplier@hk.alibaba-inc.com or call (852) 2215-5128.
Taiwan Gold Supplier: For details of Taiwan Gold Supplier, you may email our service team at goldsupplier@tw.alibaba-inc.com or call (886) 02-6602-9888. 
Global Gold Supplier: If you are from countries outside China Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, there are several packages to become paid Gold Supplier. Click here to view more. Also, you can email premiummember@alibaba-inc.com for more info.

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