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Why cannot I receive the SMS verification code?

If you don't receive SMS verification code, please check the situations below:

1. Please make sure you have clicked the “click here to get verification code” button on identity verification page. Only this button clicked will code be sent to your phone;
2. Your SMS code may take up to 10 minutes to arrive (depending on your local mobile operator). Please do not repeatedly clicking;
3. Network anomalies may cause loss of messages. Please re-submit request, use different browsers, clear cookies and try again later;
4. Please check whether your mobile phone is out of service, message inbox is full or your message was blocked by phone service company;
5. Please move your SIM card into another mobile phone and try again wit your anti-virus software turned off.

Aside from the above suggesrions, please try to reboot your mobile phone and click  “click here to get verification code” button​.


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