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How do I verify my bank account?

To verify a bank account on Alibaba.com, we kindly suggest you add a bank account (US checking account and Euro bank account for a few German and French buyers are supported currently ) at the first place.

Please click here to visit our bank account page and hit "+" button to fill out the form and submit:

Once after you successfully submit your bank account online, Alibaba.com will make two small transfers to your checking account within 2-4 working days where you have to confirm the transferred amounts by inputting them into the verification page. Please kindly check your checking account constantly.

After you receive these two small transfers, please visit our bank accout page again at the link of 
https://myfinance.alibaba.com/bankaccount/accountList.htm, click "Verify Now" button as follows and fill in these two small transfers amounts:

A kind remind:
1.you could only input the amounts 5 times for verifications, otherwise you will have to delete the account and start again.

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