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What's not covered by Trade Assurance?

Issues not covered by Trade Assurance Service

1. Issues relating to freight and logistics: Seller changes freight/means of logistics without the consent of the buyer, and although the buyer has received the products, it files a complaint due to other damages.

2. Transport issues attributable to the buyer: Such as loss of products, damage of products or impairment of quality owing to the buyer’s mistakes during the transport, or the risks of transport to be assumed by the buyer.

3. Disputes relating to costs at the port of destination: Ordinary disputes relating to costs in customs clearance and collection of products with the shipping company or freight forwarder.

4. Issues relating to after-sales services: Disputes relating to after-sales service.

5. Breaches by Seller which you have accepted and recognized or in which you have acquiesced: For example, the seller once communicated with you about late delivery by email and you agreed to that.

6. If the products are very similar to those described by the seller in the credit guarantee contract, it shall NOT be deemed as “evident inconformity with the product’s descriptions”. For instance:

1) The seller has correctly described the defects in the products.

2) The product descriptions are correct while you no longer want to accept the products after they is delivered.

3) The product descriptions are correct while the products fail to meet your expectation.

4) Although there are slight scratches, stains or other problems in the appearance of the products, Seller has specified in advance that the products are second-hand.

5) You have not specified the standards with Seller in the contract regarding the characteristics or possible problems of the products.

6) The inspection company’s report proves that the products conform to the contract.

What's covered by Trade Assurance?

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