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How do I pay for my Trade Assurance order via T/T?

1. Go to Orders-All Ordersto order list page.

2. Find the order and click View More to order detail page.

3. Click Send Initial Payment or Pay the Balance to pay.

4. Choose T/T payment method and you'll see the suppliers' beneficiary bank account.
Please take this bank account info to local banks and wire to the designated account. Also, if you have open network banking service, you can wire at your online banking website.​ 

1) For T/T payment method, you will NOT be covered by Trade Assurance unless wired to supplier’s beneficiary Citibank account designated on the payment platform, instead of to suppliers' private bank account.
2) For T/T payment method, you can only make payment offline (go to local banks to wire to the beneficiary bank account designated. Also, if online banking service available, you can wire online), not on Alibaba.com payment platform. After paid, it takes about 3-7 working days to arrive.
3) Transaction fee is mainly charged by the remittance and intermediary banks, and it depends on region and bank. Check with your bank for details.   

What are the payment methods and fees of Trade Assurance order?

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