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Why cannot I pay for my Trade Assurance order via Credit Card?

Here are two main reasons why your payment was failed here on Alibaba.com.

1. Your payment was rejected by your card issuer. As a result, Alibaba.com failed to deduct money from your account.

In order to well solve the issue, I kindly recommend you to contact your card issuer for a further assistance. After that, kindly try again to pay for your order 30 minutes later on our site. If you have more than one card here for payment, changing into another card or another payment method will be also recommended to you.

2. Your payment did not pass the verification under Alibaba.com payment check system. To pay for your order, you could only try with another card or another payment methods, like T/T.

T/T is for telegraphic transfer, and you could get the supplier's bank information in the order details and then make payment transfer to the supplier's account in the local bank. It is quite easy and the payment will go through successfully. How to pay Trade Assurance orders by TT, please click here.

1. If it reminds "credit card payment is not supported for this order" when you pay on the computer, please try to use another Visa or MasterCard credit card or payment method.

2. Each payment will be evaluated again so you might fail to pay even you paid successfully before. 

If the trouble persists, please feel free to contact our Live Chat service for further assistance. We are 24 hours and 7 days for you. :)

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