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Can you please recommend me the suppliers?

There are tens of thousands of suppliers on Alibaba.com. Aince we are a business to business platform, each supplier is unique and special in a different way, and there is no "best" supplier and only the one fits you is the best. 

However, we do have some basic qualifications to filter the relatively qualified suppliers so buyers can trade with confidence. 

Tips: When you search on Alibaba.com, you can click the "Gold Supplier" button to pick up the suppliers to ensure the supplier is a real company. You can also click the "Trade Assurance" button to filter the supplier who can trade online so your payment can be protected by alibaba.

Here are some safe trading tips,  please check: http://www.alibaba.com/help/safety_security.html

Hope you enjoy a safe and pleasant trading experiences on Alibaba.com!

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