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Paid already. Why order status is still awaiting for payment?

Please check which payment method you used to pay first. Payment methods include: e-Checking, Credit Card, T/T, Boleto and Pay Later, and the first three methods are mostly used.

If you have paid with e-Checking, the Trade Assurance order status will stay as "payment processing". This is because the payment requires 4-5 working days to reach the supplier's account. Once the supplier receives it, the order status will change to "waiting for supplier to ship order".

If you have paid with Credit Card: after paid by credit card, the payment status will be updated within about 30 minutes. After that, it takes another 2-4 working days to arrive at the supplier's account.

If you have paid with T/T (Telegraphic Transfer): After paid by TT, it takes 3-7 working days to reach the supplier's account. After money arrival, the supplier need to link the payment to the trade assurance order and order status will change to "waiting for supplier's shipment" or "Waiting for delivery confirmation". Only after supplier does the linking will order status update.  
If your supplier says that he has not received payment, please check: 1) whether the payment was wired to the correct bank account designated, starting with 1029/103/1566, and contact your remmitting bank to ensure they have successfully processed the payment for you; 2) whether money already arrived but supplier did not link money to order.

How to check if the payment of Trade Assurance Order is received?
Go to All Orders  and you'll find the order list page. Find the order and click "View More" to order detail page.

On order detail page, find "Payment details‘’ and check “The amount received”.

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