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Do I need to pay for Trade Assurance orders in USD?

If you choose to pay Trade Assurance orders via T/T, you are not required to pay with USD and the supported currency is USD / HKD / CNY / AUD / CAD / JYP / EUR / GBP /SGD. However, we recommend that you send your payment to the supplier in USD. If you use a different currency, the amount the supplier receives may be less than the amount agreed in your contract due to the foreign currency exchange rate. If this happens and the supplier rejects your payment, the bank will return your payment and you may be charged a service fee by the bank.

If you choose to pay Trade Assurance orders via Credit/Debit card, for  the Trade Assurance order placed on Feb.1st and onward, multi-currency payment is planned to support  in AUD, CAD and GBP.  Whether buyer's payment supports non-USD currency, please find the order page message.

If you choose to pay Trade Assurance orders via E-checking, it only supports USD.

If you choose to pay Secure Payment Orders, no matter what payment methods, it only supports USD.

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