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How does Trade Assurance protect my order for product quality?

Your orders will now be protected up to 30 calendar days after confirming receipt. This means you need to submit dispute within 30 days after confirming receipt of goods in the event of quality or shipment related problem.

If you find the goods do not meet the order contract, please contact supplier first for solution. If not works, please find the order and click' Apply for Refund' to open dispute. After you submit dispute complaint, you two parties have 3 days to negotiate without the involvement of Alibaba.com dispute customer service representative. If no agreement reached within the 3-day period, from the 4th day onwards, you may request Alibaba.com to resolve the dispute, or may continue to negotiate with the Seller. If no agreement reached, and you have not request Alibaba.com to resolve the dispute and withdrawn your complaint, on the 7th day from the date of complaint, the system will escalate it to a customer service representative of Alibaba.com automatically for Dispute Determination.

Prior to Alibaba.com involvement, you and Seller shall be responsible for any risk and the outcome of the negotiation. If you two parties reached a settlement during Dispute Determination, a written settlement agreement or other agreement in writing shall be provided to Alibaba.com and  then Alibaba.com will cease the Dispute Determination. The results of implementation and enforcement of the settlement by you two parties are outside the scope of Trade Assurance Service, if either party is not satisfied with such settlement or enforcement results, you two parties shall resolve the matter on your own through consultation.

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