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How does Trade Assurance protect my order for product quality?

Our Trade Assurance order protection service has been updated. Your orders will now be protected up to 30 calendar days after you receive the goods. This means you will now have 30 days to complete product quality inspection when you receive your goods and apply for a refund if the quality does not match the terms of the contract.

When you apply for refund, the supplier should respond and offer a solution within 3 days. If the supplier does not respond within 3 days, you can escalate the dispute to Alibaba.com on the 4th day. Or, if the issue cannot be resolved between you and the supplier within 7 days, the dispute will be automatically escalated to Alibaba.com on the 8th day.

If your order enters a dispute, you need to arrange for one of the third-party inspection companies designated by Alibaba.com (SGS, TUV Rheinland & Bureau Veritas) to inspect the products. You need to pay the inspection fee upfront – if the supplier is found to be at fault, you will be refunded for the inspection fee. Alibaba.com’s determination will be based on the third-party inspection company’s report. If the supplier is found to be responsible, Alibaba.com will refund you for the covered amount of your order, no more than actual payment.

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