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What can I do if some seller used my company logo?

I regret to see that someone else on Alibaba.com may misused your property.

Alibaba.com will definitely do our best to assist you.

In order to protect the rights of IPR owners, we have created online IPR infringement report system ("Aliprotect"). You could submit it via AliProtect which would allow involving parties to handle such kind of claims effectively and efficiently with transparency.

The following steps are listed for your easy understanding:
1. Registering an account for free
2. Signing in and completing the basic information of the complainant
3. Uploading relevant documents to the system for our verification (under "IPR management"-"submit IPR")
- identification (for instance, ID card for personnel/business license for company)
- IPR proof (for instance, trademark certificate/patent certificate/copyright proof)
- authorization duly signed or sealed by the rights owner (If the complainant is not the rights owner).

Once your documents are uploaded, the record will be shown under "IPR Management" with the status "Pending verification". Please note that infringement claims cannot be submitted before the aforesaid verification is approved (although you may submit allegedly infringing listings whilst your IPR is "Pending verification", it doesn't mean you can submit the claim at that time)

4. After approval of the aforesaid, you can submit the allegedly infringing listings (under "Submit Listings" of "IPR Complaints") and link them to the IPR being concerned which previously verified by us (under "Pending Submissions"). Once the allegedly infringing listings have matched the IPR being concerned, your claim will be submitted for processing automatically


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