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How long does it take for me to receive the refund for Secure Payment order?

Once you and the seller came to agreement on refund of Secure Payment Order, usually you will receive refund within 7-10 working days (not calendar days) after order closed. The receiving time also varies according to your bank.

If you don't receive refund after due time, please take the following steps first.
1. If you paid by credit card, please check your bank slip from two days before paying time to 10 working days after refund time. 
2. If you paid by TT(bank transfer) or Western Union, please click here to login with your Alibaba.com account and password, activate your Alipay account if it isn't activated, and then transfer refund to your bank account as bellows. Refund will arrive at your bank account within 7-10 working days after you transfer refund.

3. If you paid by Yandex, QIWI and WebMoney, please contact the related agent of Yandex, QIWI or WebMoney to check refund for you.

If you still don't receive refund, please contact Alibaba service team representative. They will help you check the refund information.


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