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How do I check if a company is legitimate?

1. If you are in search of suppliers, you may consider trading with Assessed Supplier on Alibaba.com who have already been inspected onsite and have Audit Reports ready to download online, and also consider using  Trade Assurance to pay online so that your payment will be protected by us.

2. If you have found a supplier, but have concerns before paying, you may:
2.1 Verify the supplier's identity: If they are Alibaba.com suppliers, Alibaba.com will list all the company's information on their Alibaba.com company site page for you to check, such as the company's capability, business performance, transaction Level & company certifications. Please ask your supplier their Alibaba.com site to check it. 
2.2 Request the supplier trading through Alibaba.com Trade Assurance so that your payment and order quality can be protected. 

3. If you have already paid to a supplier and have any disputes with your supplier and failed to get help from them, you may consider filing a dispute so that our professional dispute team can help you with it directly. Hope you all the best for your businesses on Alibaba.com! 

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