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How to submit a complaint for offline order?

According to Alibaba dispute rules, Alibaba only handles 2 types of offline scams: “Products Not Received after Payment” and “Payment not Received after Shipping”. Other offline disputes will no longer be handled. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you make payments online via Alibaba.com and add Trade Assurance to protect your payments and products.

If you have encountered an offline scam of “Products Not Received after Payment” or “Payment not Received after Shipping”, please follow the steps below to make a claim:

1. Sign into the Complaint Center with your Alibaba account;

2. Choose the Offline Trade Dispute type and click Report;

3. Fill the Respondent information, such as Email address, Member ID or Product URL, choose the scam type to continue.

3. Fill out the complaint detail form and click Submit. Please pay attention to the accepted evidence formats and upload correct one, otherwise you may submit with failure.

If you fail to submit the complaint, please check the error message pops up and here are some tips: 

1. The attachment is oversize or the format is incorrect;
-Please upload .zip attachments within 2MB or change the format to .doc, .docx, .eml,.msg, .pdf, .rar, .zip, .jpg, .gif, .xls, or .xlsx formats then upload.

2. Your complaint content includes non-English characters;
-Please try to copy and paste your content in text and copy the words back in the Complaint Center.

3. The supplier does not exist;
-Please check whether you used the supplier's minisite to submit the complaint. We suggest you use the product URL to submit the complaint.

4. The page is frozen;
-Please change a browser (Google Chrome and FireFox are recommended), clear the browser cookies or check your internet connection to have a try. 

If still not works, please contact us.


Please be advised that Alibaba.com is an information exchange platform only and the transaction was processed offline. We have no authority to impose compulsory sanction on any member. And if it is proved that the defendant should bear the responsibility for this trade dispute, then as punishment we will disable their Alibaba.com account. This is the utmost Alibaba.com can do for you.

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