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How can I search products on Alibaba.com?

There are three ways to find products on Alibaba.com:

1. Search:

• Enter product names or keywords in the search bar. The search function is intuitive and will recommend products, suppliers or quotes based on your input.

search bar.PNG

• On the results page, you can narrow your search to find exactly what you need:

search filter.png

2. Try RFQ:

• Post an RFQ specifying your sourcing needs, and you’ll receive matching quotes within 24 hours.

submit Buying Request.png
• Get one on-one-personal assistance by Professional Purchasing Agents.

3. Use Wholesaler:

Use Alibaba.com's Wholesaler option to find products that are available in low minimum-order-quantities (MOQ), get instant price quotes and place secure online orders. Every Wholesaler transaction is protected by Alibaba.com's Secure Payment Service.


Once you find a product or supplier that interests you, it’s time to contact the supplier. Click here to learn how.

You can also use Trade Assurance for extra order protection.
1. How do I contact suppliers?
2. What is the price of the product?

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