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What is the price or other details of the product that I want to buy?

Since Alibaba.com is a business to business (B2B) trading platform, the product price (as well as the shipment terms) is mainly based on purchase quantity and the negotiation between you and the suppliers. So please kindly ask the exact supplier of the product that you are interested in. As for Alibaba, we accept all kinds of ways of payment and transaction methods as long as it is agreed by buyers and suppliers.
1. If you have not found any suppliers, you may search your product at Alibaba.com and contact the supplier directly through below method.

2. If you in the negotiation stage of the supplier, you may get the supplier's contact information in your message center. Our supplier are professional and helpful.
Click the TradeManager chatnow.png buttoto chat with your supplier or you can enter your reply ithat area and wait for your supplier's response.

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