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What are the common types of trade disputes on Alibaba.com?

The common types of trade disputes on Alibaba.com include:

1. Goods not received after payment:
I paid for the goods, however the supplier didnt deliver the goods to me, or I was provided with an invalid tracking number.
2. Money not received after delivery:
Supplier dispatched the goods; however, the buyer didn’t pay for the goods.
3. Goods received are not what I ordered:
The goods I received are not the same as the ones ordered, or they don’t work at all.
4. Other Trade Disputes:
Any other trade dispute on Alibaba.com.

If you meet the trade dispute with your supplier, you are kindly suggested to contact your supplier for solution first. If no agreement reached, you could submit a dispute at Complaint Center:
For Trade Assurance Order, submit 
Trade Assurance Order Dispute;
For Wholesale Order, submit Wholesale Order Dispute;
For Offline Order, submit Offline Trade Dispute


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