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What's the dispute process for offline order?

1. After the buyer submits dispute, you two parties have 5 to 10 days to negotiate without the involvement of Alibaba. From the 6th day onward, the buyer can request Alibaba.com’s assistance by clicking the “Escalate Dispute” button, or may continue to negotiate with the seller.
2. Alibaba.com will also act as a mediator for any disputes which remain unresolved after 10 days of initial opening.

Please find below dispute workflow:

1. Buyer makes a claim with the laptop.
2. Buyer and seller negotiate with each other. The process is as below:

3. If no agreement reached after negotiation and the case has been escalated, Alibaba dispute team will handle the case as follows:

If the defendant is China Gold Supplier or Global Gold Supplier on Alibaba.com:

If the defendant is Free member on Alibaba.com:


1. According to Alibaba dispute rules, Alibaba.com will only handle the complaint if the supplier fails to deliver products after payment or if the buyer refuses to pay after delivery. We will not handle complaints related to product conformity, damage, or shortage. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you make payments online via Alibaba.com and add Trade Assurance to protect your payments and products.

2. Please be advised that Alibaba.com is an information exchange platform only and the transaction was processed offline. We have no authority to impose compulsory sanction on any member. And if it is proved that the defendant should bear the responsibility for this trade dispute, then as punishment we will disable their Alibaba.com account. This is the utmost Alibaba.com can do for you.

When will my dispute case be solved for offline order?

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