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How do I post products on Alibaba.com?

Kindly take the below steps to post products on Alibaba.com for sale:

1. Sign into your account on Alibaba.com;

2. Click on "Display a new product" button under the "Products" Section;

3. Complete your company information and complete an SMS verification process if it is your first time to post a product. Besides, please donot share the code to anyone else. 


4. Select the proper category for your product and click on "I have read and agree to the following terms button";

5. Fill in the form with the product information and click on "Submit" button for approval.
Please note that you need to fill all the sections marked with "*". After the product is posted, it will be audited in 24 hours. Upon approval, it will be listed in Alibaba.com in 24 hours.

Meanwhile, please be advised that Free Members inside China Mainland which are registered after 2003.4.10 can't post products on Alibaba.com. In addition, Free Members outside China Mainland can post at most 50 products on Alibaba.com. 

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