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What can I do if I forget my password?

1. Click “Forgot Password” on the Sign In page.

2. Fill in your account email, slide to the right side and submit.


3. You will have to verify your account first by one of below methods: “By Email Verification”, “By Phone Verification"(Phone Verification is only possible if you have bound your mobile phone number to your account) or "By answering questions". 
If you did not receive the verification code via email or mobile, please contact our customer service team.


4.  If you choose “Email Verification”, you will be redirected to the page below. Please click on “Click here to receive verification code” and you will receive the email with your verification code.


Please note the verification code is only valid for 15 minutes after you click the button. To avoid system errors, we advise against clicking several times. 

5. Upon receiving the code in your email, please enter it into the column below and submit.

6.After submission, you will be directed to the password reset page. Please follow the instructions to reset your password.sig-07.png

Note: The process for the phone verification is the same as for email verification.  

If you are interested in ‘Why can’t I receive the verification code?’, please click here.

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