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What is a safe password?

Password on Alibaba should meet the requirements below:
1. 6-20 characters
2. Only letters, numbers and punctuation marks (except spaces) 
3. Among uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation, at least 2 types included.

Tips on creating a secure password for reference:
1. Use a combination of letters and numbers – e.g. beatlesfan28, with no spaces 
2. Use multiple words without spaces – e.g. thebestboss
3. Never use single words that can be found in any dictionary – e.g. manager or bamboo
4. Never use personal information that others can easily obtain or guess – e.g. your namephone number, or birth date
5. Never use your email address as a password
6. Never use common passwords – e.g. 123456 or ABCDEF

There is Safe Level check as below when you set the password with laptop which helps you to set a safe password.

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