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How do I complete the Trade Assurance order content?

Refer to the guides below to place order.

Part 1: Buyer info

Fill in buyer's E-mail Address.

Part 2: Product details

Add posted or unreleased products, and enter product quantity, unit, price, etc. Also, you can upload file (PI) to place order instead.

Part 3: Shipping info

Select your preferred shipping method (Sea Freight, express, etc.).

Enter the shipping date. You can specify a certain shipping day or certain days after received the initial payment or balance payment to ship.Part 4: Payment details

Enter the initial payment amount. If you want to pay the full amount at one time, set the full amount as initial payment amount.
For supported payment methods and fees, refer to 'Introduction of Fee and Time to Account'.

Part 5: Additional remarks (Optional)

Enter any additional remarks about the contract. This section is supplementary to the contract. In the event of any inconsistency between the additional remarks and the info entered above, the above info shall prevail.
Part 6: Submit order

After submitting the order, an official Trade Assurance order is placed on the supplier. But the order status is Waiting for the supplier to confirm order, and only after supplier confirms it will you proceed to make payment.

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