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What’s the difference between verification and A&V Check?

A&V Check is carried out by a third-party and it is a kind of check for our Gold Suppliers.
Verification check is mostly carried out by Alibaba.com staff and some by our third party; it is a kind of free verification if it is checked by Alibaba.com staff and it will only charge some fee if it is checked by our third party. All legal business licenses and contact persons are verified for those who have been A&V Checked.

A&V Checked suppliers and Verified Suppliers have different benefits on Alibaba.com.

Please note:

From May 8th, 2015, Alibaba.com will no longer be offering Verified Membership. Current Verified Memberships will be maintained until they expire, but service renewal will not be available. We suggest upgrading as soon as possible to enjoy the powerful benefits of a Gold Supplier membership. To learn more about Gold Supplier Membership, click here.

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