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How does our Dispute&Refund Process work?

A buyer can open a dispute after making payment and before confirming delivery of their order if:

· The goods are not received before the shipping deadline

· The goods are not received in satisfactory condition

To open a dispute, please follow the steps below:

1. Sign in to My Alibaba

2. Click “All Orders" under “Order Management”


3. If the supplier has shipped the goods, but you want to cancel the order, please click “Cancel Order Request”

cancel order request.png

If you have not received, or are not satisfied with the condition of your goods, try to contact the supplier to negotiate a solution. If none can be reached, click “Open Dispute”. Note: you cannot select this option if you have clicked “Confirm: Order Received”.

Secure Payment open a dispute.png

4. Fill the dispute form and click “Submit”

submit a dispute in sp.png

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