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What is the promotion on ShipStation during March Expo?

The Promotion:Get 40% off the subscription price for a ShipStation account  during March Expo

What is ShipStation?

ShipStation includes an unparalleled buying and shipping experience with every order you send. All the tools you need to exceed your customers’ expectations.

Manage and ship orders, check reports, communicate with customers and receive Smart Alerts right from your phone or tablet.
• Prepare for your day before you get to your desk
• Answer urgent customer questions
• View shipment status and re-send tracking confirmation emails
• Review at-risk orders before assigning them
• Check pending orders
• Get shipping rates for quotes
• Email a return label
• View reports
• Send orders to a fulfillment provider (Amazon FBA)
• Generate scannable end-of-day manifests
• Scan barcodes with your device's camera

Please visit ShipStation.com to get more information.

If any inquiry, please email to below freely to get more support:

Sales support for prospects: sales@shipstation.com

Techniccal support questions from users: support@shipstation.com.

Include on all email: marc.vanbree@shipstation.com

If it is easier, you can just email all 3 at once.

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