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How do I deal with my offline dispute?

To deal with the offline dispute you have opened, please refer to the instructions below.

The dispute is still under negotiation

The dispute is escalated and under processing

The dispute is still under negotiation:
1. Go to Complaint Center - Manage Complaints-Complaints I Submitted, find the dispute and click 'View Detail' to the dispute detail page. 

2. If the dispute is under discussion(within 5 days), you can 'Cancel the complaint' or click 'Respond Now' to upload more evidences;

3. If the dispute is still under discussion but exceed 5 days, you could request Alibaba.com’s assistance by clicking the 'Escalate' button, or may continue to negotiate with the seller.

The dispute is escalated and under processing:

1. After you escalating the dispute, alibaba.com dispute team will get involved as soon as possible. Please stay patient. You could 'Cancel the complaint' at this stage.
2. The agent will check the case and open entrance for you to upload more evidences if needed. You will receive notification email about this. Please click 'Respond Now' to upload evidence within due time, otherwise the refund request may be cancelled. After you uploading the evidences, the agent will check further within 2 working days, please wait patiently.

1. Please upload files in .doc, .docx, .pdf, .rar, .zip, .jpg, .gif, .xls or .xlsx formats only.
2. If you need to upload several files of the same type, please upload them in a zipped file then upload.

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