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If my Trade Assurance order is already out of coverage, how can I get refund?

According to Alibaba.com Rules, buyer must raise a complaint for Alibaba.com Dispute Determination within the applicable claim period (within 30 days of confirming receipt) in order to activate the Dispute Determination process, failing which, Alibaba.com shall have no obligation to accept the complaint. The Claim Period may vary depending on the shipment method in the Purchase Contract but in no case shall it exceed 30 calendar days after the Date of Confirmed Receipt of the Products. Hence, if your Trade Assurance order is out of coverage, we can hardly help you to get refund anymore and your dispute will not be handled by Alibaba due to out of Trade Assurance protection.

While with below scenarios, you are supported to open Offline Dispute instead:

1. If you could provide evidence which shows it's still within 30 days from the actual products receiving date and there is no refund entrance on the order detail page, please open Offline Dispute by uploading the order receipt proof and specifying the order number, Alibaba.com dispute team will handle the case for you.

2. If it's already out of Trade Assurance protection but the problem is supplier breached promise, like aftersales repairs, sending replacement, offline refund, etc. please open Offline Dispute instead, we will help to negotiate with both parties and try to get a resolution for you.

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