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How do I deal with my Trade Assurance dispute?

To deal with the dispute you have opened, please refer to the instructions below.

The dispute is still under negotiation

The dispute is escalated and under processing

The dispute is still under negotiation:
1. Go to Orders-All Orders, find the disputed order and click 'view refund application' to the dispute detail page. 

2. If the dispute is waiting for supplier's response, you can 'Edit refund request' 'Cancel refund request' or 'Escalate Dispute' ;

If supplier has already responded, you can check the proposal they provided and choose to 'Agree' or 'Reject'. If agree, the dispute will be closed with agreement reached; If reject, you can provide a new proposal to continue negotiating or escalate the dispute to request Alibaba dispute team to step in and handle the case for you.

The dispute is escalated and under processing:

1. After you escalating the dispute, normally alibaba.com dispute team will get involved within 2 working days. 
2. The agent will check the case and open entrance for you to upload more evidences if needed. You will receive notification email about this. Please upload evidencewithin due time, otherwise the refund request will be cancelled automatically.

3. After you uploading the evidences, the agent will check further within 2 working days, please wait patiently

What's the dispute process for Trade Assurance order?

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