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How can I increase my quoting permissions?

All members have the same basic quoting rights which is 20 RFQs per month. It could not be changed. To increase quoting permissions, the only way is to get more rewarding quoting rights. Below are 3 tips for your reference:

1) Please sign into the AliSource at http://sourcing.alibaba.com/ on a daily basis. In per month, if the sign-in days of your visits to AliSource reach 5,
you will be given the quotation rights for 2 RFQs. When it reaches 10 days, you will be given the quotation rights for another 2 RFQs. At most, you will get quotation rights for 12 extra RFQs if your sign-in days reach 30 days.

2) Please quote to RFQ frequently. In per month, if your quote RFQs days reach 5 days, you will be rewarded by quotation rights of 5 RFQs. At most, you may get quotation rights for 42 extra RFQs if you quote to RFQ every day in one month.

3) Please improve the quotation quality to obtain positive feedback. Once the buyer received your quotation, the system will require buyer to rate your quotation. Once you get one positive feedback, Alibaba will reward you 2 quotation rights.

According to the above, if you sign into AliSource every day and quote to RFQ every day in one month, you will be rewarded extra quoting rights for 54 RFQs. If you get positive review from the buyer, you will get more quoting rights.

Please check the quotation rules and rewarding rules at http://service.alibaba.com/cp/alisourcepro/trustpass/rules.php.

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