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Buyer’s Status helps understand buyers better

A new title has been introduced on the details page of the RFQ called Buyer’s Status.

As you are aware, every supplier has limited quota to quote to RFQs in 24 hours. We understand that it is absolutely necessary for suppliers to select the most suitable RFQs to quote.

Therefore, to provide suppliers with a more accurate and comprehensive updated status about the buyer; we have listed these items under the Buyer’s Status.  

Buyer’s Status helps suppliers to find qualified buyers and also helps them to decide whether to quote this RFQ or not. For example, if a buyer has posted an RFQ and if it’s not filled in with enough details, suppliers may still consider the buyer to be a qualified and trustable buyer according to the item(s) listed under the Buyer’s Status. 


The system will show one or more of the below listed items under the Buyer’s Status box depending on the buyer’s activity. If the buyer is not active, then it is possible that none of these items may be listed.

Items under Buyer’s Status:

1) Email Confirmed: The buyer’s email address has been confirmed before they posted the RFQ.

2) Active Buyer: The buyer has posted an RFQ or an inquiry on Alibaba.com in the past 90 days.

3) Trade Actions: The buyer has placed an order online or requested for a sample or has contacted the buyer. 

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