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How do I respond to an IPR infringement complaint?

If you are involved in an IPR infringement complaint, then please sign-in to AliProtect with your Alibaba.com member account at http://legal.alibaba.com/site/user/login.htm?loginType=international and take action appropriate to your case, including:

1.      If you have no counter notification to submit against the case, please remove the allegedly infringing listings via AliProtect directly and remove any other information which may infringe the said right(s).
2.   If you would like to submit a counter notification in relation to the current case, please submit it together with any supporting documents.
If you fail to respond to the case within 3 working days via AliProtect from the date of this notice being sent, the related department within Alibaba.com will instantly remove the allegedly infringing listings without further notice.

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